Kouvola and Verla.

One sunny&rainy July Sunday we took another pure Museokortti trip to Kouvola and Verla. It was one of these extempore trips we planned the same morning, we looked at the museum map and Verla was within drivable distance.

So! We drew through Vantaa and after many a kilometer we arrived at Kouvola, home to airy and chronically empty Poikilo museum complex consisting of the Art Museum and the Town Museum.

I’m sorry, but the Art Museum was below average. I have only limited understanding for local postmodern art…


… but the Town Museum was pretty cool, actually. It showed the Mannerin lipan alla exhibition – about the importance of a social/cultural space where the young locals could meet and spend some quality time…

… all those beautiful 60-80s artefacts, hand-drawn posters, brown-yellowish-orange decor, clothes of the time, small town atmosphere – I thought it was a great anthropological journey!

On the same street you will find a lot of lovely local spaces: little craft galleries (some of them unfortunately closed), a café with a blooming garden, a Tube Radio Museum (I know, right).


For as little as I care about Tube Radios I believe that these places should be kept up open as a part of public service, in particular I wish the owners and runners of such museums will make sure that the museums will make it to the Museokortti map. It would definitely increase the publicity!

And after that it was time to continue to V/Werla: a UNESCO protected Groundwood and Board Mill. You can only access the museum as a part of a (great!) guided tour, and you are not allowed to take pictures (sob!).

You will love the machinery, the stories of certain workers, the atmosphere in the factory – and especially those machines which would  so much not comply with current health and safety regulations anywhere in the world!



And a little bonus for my readers: a forbidden sneak peek from the tour 😉 the electricity box. Looks a bit sleepy…


Come to Verla. You will enjoy it. If not the museum only, there are also some prehistoric paintings just across the river next to the museum and an array of craft shops. You want to try the toffee popsicles..!



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