Sinebrychoff Art Museum: Russian Masters, Finnish Press Photography

… art from the stirred-up 19th century in Russia: paintings, Ilya Repin’s drawings, Kuindzshi’s landscapes, Shishkin’s nature, full of emotions, politics as well as everyday rural reality. And it was great to see Russian art in the house of immigrants of Russian origin. If only more Finns knew about Sinebrychoff brewery’s or museum’s history, if only they knew more about how the immigrant family not only built a successful business but also engaged intensively with local community, for example opened the (Sinebrychoff) park to public while the nearby large Kaivopuisto was only open to the, errr, “better ones”.

taiteilija: Siškin, Ivan Ivanovitš Inventaarionro A II 1381 teosnimi: Maisema haltija: AT kokoelma: Repinin lahja ajoitus: ajoittamaton tekniikkateksti: öljy kankaalle pääluokka: maalaus mitat: 33 cm x 25,5 cm Valokuvanro 32102.541 ajoitus: 23.12.1999 valokuvaaja: Mäkinen, Janne valokuvatyyppi: laakadia v/k 2 sisältökuvaus: Kansainvälistä taidetta Ateneumissa; Kansainväliset mestarit Ateneumissa ; työnumero K 008 ; VUODENAIKA, kesä; niitty, polku Digikuvanro K0037200 skannaus 2009-03-02 skannaaja: Hakkola, Eija digiluokitus: skannattu kuva digitointilaite: FlexTight x5 kuvankäsittelyohjelmisto: Photoshop cs4

(Ivan Shishkin: Landscape. Source:

The exhibition was just the perfect size, I felt enriched but not too exhausted and was left with enough energy to check out the rest of the house (the Sinebrychoffs, in particular the last members of the family line, Paul and Fanny, collected European art – including an impressive collection of selfies of that time, miniature portraits).

And then there was the press-photo exhibition (Finnish press picture of the year, 2015 edition) in the cellar: I can’t believe that it is not mentioned on the museum’s website, it was really interesting! Shots from Ukraine, Finnish political reality, Merkel and Stubb freezing in slush, also some photos currently exhibited in Kaapelitehdas, namely Kaisa Rautaheimo’s Pojat (Boys) series documenting stories of young Finnish men who found themselves lost in their lives, in the society. Such an important topic. So little attention paid to it.

Oh. I don’t want to sound like a tourist but… but… I was surprised by the variety of museum’s own gifts in the shop, all at really interesting prices. Own reflexes, scarves, even own perfume (Fanny, named after Paul Sinebrychoff’s wife), not to mention an array of catalogues from current and past exhibitions. It was quite sweet to see 🙂 /end of culture ignorant note/


2 thoughts on “Sinebrychoff Art Museum: Russian Masters, Finnish Press Photography

    1. Meh, that’s a shame, you’re not the only one who says so. Well, some flaws continue to annoy the visitors. I heard about more people missing out on the cellar without any explanation. The museum paper guides were not available in Swedish or English, although the text has been translated into these languages. Downstairs, next to the wc/cloakroom there were “historic” hats and costumes for kids to try on – but no mirrors anywhere around…

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